Mission 360 is an environmental awareness education project sponsored by BIOND. It is aimed school children, grades 2 to 6, and their local communities.

The project is based on a story about a hero, an extra-terrestrial squirrel called Quico. He travels to Earth to help children stop all the lies being told to adults by the Dr. Sillywaste, a horrible scientist who is scheming to destroy our planet.

Quico’s Mission is to recruit children to stop Dr. Sillywaste. He also wants to help them preserve our natural resources and make sure Earth has a sustainable future. He plans to do this by teaching children about the circular economy and how the paper industry keeps that economy going.

Registration for Mission 360

Any school that wants to use the educational materials with their students is free to do so. However, classes up to grade 6 that join the project this school year can participate directly in Mission 360 activities – as longs as they live in one of these municipalities: Aveiro; Cascais; Constância; Figueira da Foz; Setúbal; Torres Novas, Viana do Castelo; Vila Velha de Ródão; and the Municipalities of Greater Porto (Valongo, Gondomar and Paredes).
If you are in one of these municipalities and would like to take part in the project, please register here:

How does it work?

From January to February 2020, the Mission 360 team will visit each school, teach a class about circular economy and set a challenge. Students will be given background topics, activity worksheets based on the curriculum and inspiring ideas. Each school can then choose which tasks they’ll carry out. The team will stay in contact with the school over the school year, through the teachers.
From March to April, schools will be invited to take part in specific reforestation activities, organise tree planting at the school, and visit tree nurseries and biodiversity centres at Biond companies and their project partners.
6th grade classes will be encouraged to visit Biond company factories for an up-close on introduction to how we reuse by-products.
Classes taking part in the programme must submit their final project by the end of April. Teachers can create a final project and carry out the activities in a flexible manner, fitting these into the school calendar as they see best.

Mission 360 Regulations

For further information on the rules for taking part in the Mission 360 final challenge, please download the regulations.

If you have any questions, get in touch.

Sponsors and partners

Mission 360 is sponsored by the paper industry association – BIOND – – Forest fibers from Portugal, as part of its Social Responsibility actions. Crucially it is also supported by a range of business and other partners.

Circular News

  • The Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) is responsible for promoting environmental education. It has endorsed the 2019/20 edition of “Mission 360 – Protecting Earth is our role!” (a CELPA-

  • In partnership with the Portuguese Environmental Agency and the Directorate-General of Education, CELPA – Associação da Indústria Papeleira is organising an innovative environmental awarenes

  • In the pilot year, Mission 360 went to about 50 schools in 7 municipalities. Each registered grade 2 to 6 class took part in a session about the circular economy. The sessions introduced stu