Here you’ll find framework topics, curriculum-based activity worksheets and inspiring ideas, for each school level:


The Ministries of the Environment and of Education have worked together to create the National Environmental Education Strategy (ENEA, in Portuguese), which aims to develop environmental literacy in Portugal. The ENEA’s Environmental Education Benchmark for Sustainability is a key guideline for implementing this theme in curricular Citizenship and Development studies at the various educational levels.

Environmental education is also an important part of the National Education Strategy for Citizenship, which guides citizenship studies at public and private schools that are part of the Project for Curricular Autonomy and Flexibility. It dovetails with the Profile of Students who finish mandatory education levels and have the attained the Essential Learning Experiences.

Mission 360 aims to help fulfil the goals of these strategies. It is also designed to foster attitudes and values and the development of the skills that will be required to overcome the challenges faced by society in the 21st century, whilst creating educational resources appropriate to the curriculum.

Circular News

  • The Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) is responsible for promoting environmental education. It has endorsed the 2019/20 edition of “Mission 360 – Protecting Earth is our role!” (a CELPA-

  • In partnership with the Portuguese Environmental Agency and the Directorate-General of Education, CELPA – Associação da Indústria Papeleira is organising an innovative environmental awarenes

  • In the pilot year, Mission 360 went to about 50 schools in 7 municipalities. Each registered grade 2 to 6 class took part in a session about the circular economy. The sessions introduced stu